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Trenbolone Mix 150

Trenbolone Mix 150

After the injection is completed, the short acetate ester is the first to be activated, followed by the prolonged enanthate ester, the last is hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, also a prolonged ester (half-life is about 6-7 days). 8 days). Thanks to a proven base of three steroids, the drug has a fairly powerful, smooth and long-lasting effect.

What kind of athletic improvements does trenbolne mix 200 200mg ml 10×1 ampoules zphc? First of all, it promotes high-quality muscle growth without water retention or fat accumulation, development of muscle relief, increased muscle rigidity, increased performance, increased strength, and increased libido. These improvements are partially mediated, in particular by increasing the secretion of growth hormone and increasing the concentration of insulin-like growth factor.

Side effects of Mix 150 can be androgenic or gestagenic, which is determined by the specific action of trenbolone. For example, disorders such as increased aggression, acne, sweating, testicular atrophy, baldness and gynecomastia can make themselves known. This is an extremely powerful drug and is not the best choice of steroid for beginners or women in the sport. However, if contraindications are excluded and recommendations are followed, it remains relatively harmless.

Note: Tren (slang abbreviation) was originally not a sports doping at all, but a drug. It was originally synthesized for use in traditional and veterinary medicine. Thus, in the form of acetate or enanthate, it is used to treat and strengthen the body of animals, and in the form of hexahydrobenzyl carbonate it is prescribed to people. In bodybuilding, all three esters of the steroid are in high demand.

Potentially, the use of Trenbolone Mix 150 (SP Laboratories) can improve performance in any physical sport, from athletics to powerlifting. Based on the drug or with its participation, a variety of strength and mass-gaining courses, as well as cutting courses, are possible, because trenbolone is effectively combined with most anabolic-androgenic steroids. The exception is the active ingredients, which also have progestogenic activity: nandrolone phenylpropionate and nandrolone decanoate, oxymetholone in tablets or injections; some others. Combinations of the steroid testosterone (from propionate to ester mixtures, such as Sustanon 250 and Androbol 300) are especially popular among jocks.

Effective doses of Trenbolone Mix 150 for sports purposes are selected on an individual basis. On average, men are not recommended to go beyond the dosage range of 150-450 mg (1-3 ml) per week.

A course of Trenbolone Mix 150 can last 8-12 weeks without any health consequences. As a rule, the drug is not used for longer, for fear of a shift in action towards androgenic and progestational side effects. In a severe course, to reduce risks, it is worth adding drugs such as cabergoline (Dostinex or an analogue) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).



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